Jay Brunelle

Loss of spring impacts not only Notre Dame’s freshmen, but all freshmen


In a sport rife with conspiracy theories, vague and not-so-vague references to opponents’ questionable recruiting tactics, and a general lack of consistent guidance given the absence of a unilateral governing body, there are two reasons why college football coaches have not filled their time and ours with complaints about what competitors are up to in [more]

Notre Dame opens spring practice largely healthy, not to mention warm


Without any headline injuries to worry about, the most notable aspect of Notre Dame's first day of spring practice was who lined up with the first-team receivers. [more]

Spring Outlook: Notre Dame’s Receivers


Chase Claypool stirred the drink, so to speak, for Notre Dame's passing game last season. What young receivers could step up in his place moving forward? [more]

Notre Dame’s projected 2020 offensive depth chart


If Notre Dame wants to make a Playoff run in 2020, its offense will need to improve upon a season which was already Brian Kelly's highest-scoring Irish offense. [more]

Leftovers & Links: Notre Dame’s early enrollees arrive


Notre Dame's eight early enrollees, plus two graduate transfers, have arrived in South Bend. Which ones might contribute in 2020? [more]