Jordan Johnson

Spring Outlook: Notre Dame’s Receivers


Chase Claypool stirred the drink, so to speak, for Notre Dame's passing game last season. What young receivers could step up in his place moving forward? [more]

Notre Dame’s projected 2020 offensive depth chart


If Notre Dame wants to make a Playoff run in 2020, its offense will need to improve upon a season which was already Brian Kelly's highest-scoring Irish offense. [more]

Despite a calm Signing Period and coaching change, Notre Dame on verge of talent influx


A quiet Early Signing Period might camouflage Notre Dame's incoming talent, but it is on its way, nonetheless. [more]

Notre Dame’s offense excelled under Chip Long, except when it mattered


Chip Long authored the two highest-scoring seasons of Brian Kelly’s time at Notre Dame, along with two of the four best-gaining offenses. Those are inexact measures of an offense’s effectiveness, but they are still the black-and-white results on paper. The Irish offense produced with Long as its offensive coordinator. Broadly, this cannot be argued. Yet, [more]