Caroline Pineda

Jack Kiser’s Purdue ties run deep, but the Notre Dame LB trusts his family not to do anything ‘stupid’


Jack Kiser grew up cheering for Purdue, as did his whole family. Cheering for the Notre Dame LB should trump those old loyalties on Saturday, though. [more]

30th year of Notre Dame on NBC a unique but thrilling challenge to broadcast


Working from a production truck halfway across the country was one of the smaller hurdles for Rob Hyland to clear in producing the 30th year of Notre Dame on NBC. [more]

Rotation at Buck linebacker a change for Notre Dame, a productive and dynamic change


During this four-year revival, Notre Dame has always relied on singular linebackers. But in 2020, the Irish have found a situational rotation serves them best. [more]

Observations from the Notre Dame Stadium sideline


Keeping an eye on Notre Dame's sideline as much as the game on the field yields unique insights into dynamics within the Irish roster. [more]

Ogundeji’s patience sets tone for dominant Notre Dame defense


Ade Ogundeji arrived at Notre Dame as a raw, underrated recruit. It took time, but he developed into a leader, both on and off the field, including in the most pivotal moments. [more]