Douglas Farmer

Things We Learned, pt. ii: Notre Dame’s defensive depth the difference between 2020 and all years prior


Notre Dame lost its best defender in the second quarter at North Carolina. That has always spelled doom for the Irish, but its current depth reversed that worry. [more]

Things We Learned: Notre Dame’s defense puts Irish firmly in conversation with Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State


After shutting out North Carolina in Friday's second half, Notre Dame's defense deserves consideration as the best in the country, and thus, the Irish warrant genuine contender consideration. [more]

No. 2 Notre Dame head and shoulders over No. 19 Heels


Notre Dame's defense turned a Black Friday shootout into a convincing win at No. 19 North Carolina, shutting down one of the country's most prolific offenses. [more]

No. 2 Notre Dame at No. 19 North Carolina: Who, what, when, where, why and by how much?


Notre Dame faces its stiffest remaining regular-season challenge at No. 19 North Carolina, where Sam Howell's playmaking seems ripe to pull an upset. [more]

40 Thanksgivings and missings for Notre Dame fans


In this tense but unbeaten season, Notre Dame fans have much to be thankful for, though they miss almost as much. [more]