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Friday at 4: 40 Thanksgivings as Notre Dame’s ascending season comes to a close


Notre Dame's season may not have started with style, but it has closed with it. Throughout all fall, Irish fans have had reasons to be thankful. [more]

Things To Learn: Stanford no longer the Playoff vault Notre Dame needs

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Stanford used to torment Brian Kelly and Notre Dame. Now that the No.6 Irish could use such a stout opponent, the Cardinal have fallen flat in 2021. [more]

And In That Corner … The reeling Stanford Cardinal closes Notre Dame’s Playoff push


Stanford has fallen off the proverbial cliff in this year's second half, but the Cardinal could end it on a positive note with an upset of No. 6 Notre Dame. [more]

Leftovers & Links: While Playoff hopes remain, Notre Dame’s 2022 recruiting takes on double the importance


With only an expected blowout at Stanford remaining this season, No. 6 Notre Dame has some 2022 roster considerations to already ponder. [more]

At No. 6 in the Playoff rankings, Notre Dame’s hopes continue to hinge on Big upsets


Notre Dame has little control of its Playoff hopes, but at No. 6, those hopes do persist. A few paths remain to get the Irish into a third Playoff in four years. [more]