Douglas Farmer

Notre Dame’s Opponents: Late-October foes not exactly high-profile anymore


The latter half of October looked like the most exciting slate at Notre Dame in years in the preseason. After another lackluster week from USC and UNC, however ... [more]

Leftovers & Links: Notre Dame quarterback uncertainty has reached an unforeseen understandable status


Notre Dame did not want to have a quarterback controversy this season, but after its win at Virginia Tech, the biggest controversy would be not having a controversy. [more]

Things We Learned: ‘Not perfect’ Notre Dame’s resilience gives improvements time


While Notre Dame struggled Saturday night, it kept its composure. Eventually, at the last possible moments, those struggles ceased to reveal Irish quality. [more]

Highlights — Notre Dame 32, Virginia Tech 29, a game won by broken plays and unexpected substitutes


Notre Dame's offense improvised its way to the win at Virginia Tech on Saturday, often bailing out of a play after the ball had already been snapped. [more]

Jack Coan and Jonathan Doerer combine to push Notre Dame past Virginia Tech


No. 14 Notre Dame had little choice but to flip quarterbacks Saturday, and then flip again, in a dramatic 32-29 win at Virginia Tech. [more]