Mahone future in doubt after arrest in hometown


The first off-the-field incident of the summer happened over the weekend as reserve wide receiver Will Mahone was arrested early Sunday morning in his hometown. The Mahoning County Sheriff public records revealed five counts against Mahone, some of which are very serious.

Notre Dame released a comment on Monday, though Mahone’s status with the team is murky:

“The University is aware of this incident and is confident that it will be handled in a prompt and professional manner through the criminal justice system,” the statement said. “Internal discipline is handled privately, in accord with our own policies and federal law.”

According to Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune, officers arrived around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night after being called to respond to a fight. From there, things don’t sound like they went too well.

According to the police report filed by the Austintown Police Department, officers arrived on the scene about 10:30 p.m., Saturday after being called to respond to a fight. Officers observed about 20 people in the street pointing to a driveway on the north side of Rita Avenue.

Some of them told police Mahone was highly intoxicated and head-butting and punching vehicles as well as trying to fight several people.

Police say an officer advised Mahone to calm down and get on the ground, to which Mahone responded with, “(Expletive), white boy.” Police say an officer then took Mahone to the ground, but he repeatedly resisted arrest.

Once Mahone finally was able to be handcuffed, police claim, he responded, “(Expletive), you white piece of (expletive). Takes these cuffs off and I’ll kill you. I’ll (expletive) kill you.”

As Mahone was being led to the cruiser, police allege, he began to scream and shout and tried to pull away. Mahone is further accused of whipping his head back in an aggressive manor, striking a police officer on his forehead.

None of these details sound particularly good for Mahone’s future in South Bend, though they should hardly be taken as gospel. It wasn’t too long ago that Tommy Rees and Carlo Calabrese were taken in by local police with some hairy charges that eventually shrunk down to misdemeanor charges and community service.

On the field, Mahone has yet to make an impact for the Irish after entering as a four-star recruit in 2012. He was buried on the depth chart after a redshirt season as the Irish’s sixth running back before shifting to the slot. Any progress he made at receiver was short-circuited by a high-ankle sprain last season and a broken foot this spring.


Campus police arrest Michael Floyd


According to multiple reports coming from South Bend, star wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested around 4 a.m. Sunday morning by campus police and booked into St. Joseph County jail on a suspected DUI charge. He was released seven hours later after posting a $500 bond.

Floyd’s arrest on the eve of spring practice is the first hiccup in an offseason that was almost too smooth for Irish fans’ comfort. It also makes his future with the Notre Dame football team a bit murky, after Floyd decided to pass up the NFL Draft and return to South Bend for his senior season and to graduate with his class.

If you’re looking for some historic perspective on what happens now, Irish fans can look at the best and worst case scenarios as they have played out over the years. Former Irish running back Rashon Powers-Neal was arrested for DUI over fall break during his final season with the Irish and never returned to the team. On the flip side of that coin was Mike Ragone’s arrest last May on misdemeanor marijuana charges after being pulled over in LaGrange County on his way home from school while speeding on the Indiana Toll Road. Ragone missed no time with the Irish and stayed enrolled in school.

This isn’t Floyd’s first brush with the law, as he was ticketed for underage drinking over winter break home in Minnesota just days after new coach Brian Kelly took the job. That started their relationship on a rocky footing, which improved enough for Kelly to name Floyd as one of two full-time captains for next season after spending the 2010 season rotating game captains.

We likely won’t hear much about this until Brian Kelly addresses the media at the kickoff of spring practice, a distraction the head coach can’t be too happy about just days before Notre Dame was set to take the field.