Kizer set to start against Nevada


Brian Kelly has named a starting quarterback. And as most expected, it’ll be DeShone Kizer. The junior quarterback met with the local media today and confirmed the decision, the only one of the two quarterbacks to be made available. As you’d expect, Kizer was magnanimous in his comments, saying all the right things about the [more]

Winning comes first for Irish quarterback duo


Brian Kelly‘s starting quarterback remains a mystery. And as of Wednesday night, his two candidates for the job were still in the dark. Available to the local media post-practice, neither DeShone Kizer or Malik Zaire knew who would take the first snap against Texas. But after much has been made about the general unhappiness about [more]

No separation yet for Irish quarterbacks


Brian Kelly has DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire ready to play for him. And the longer this competition plays out, the more likely it appears that both quarterbacks will help this offense. How that shakes out remains to be seen. How this staff handles game-planning, let alone managing two distinctly different quarterbacks, is still a [more]

Counting Down the Irish: 2016’s Top Five


We’ve reached the top of the roster on Brian Kelly’s seventh team. And while it is no match for last season’s star-studded top five, this group has a chance to put together a tremendous season—and all but one of them have a season (or more) of eligibility remaining. That’s the rub with this football team. As [more]

Kelly expects to play two quarterbacks in 2016


With Notre Dame opening up camp next week, Brian Kelly seems to be opening up to the idea of playing two quarterbacks. As DeShone Kizer and Malik Zaire get set to begin their battle, Notre Dame’s head coach talked about that high-profile job with Jim Rome, giving us an interesting look at his mindset on the [more]